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  • 50 Fresh and Modern Business Card Designs

    Customers will form a first, and at times, lasting impression based on what they have available to them. An attractive website, business cards, and other visual stimuli can have a large effect on your business’ performance. After the initial meet and greet with a potential customer, the one takeaway they’ll typically be left with is […]

  • Artist
  • Q & A With Horror Artist Joshua Hoffine

      Photographer Joshua Hoffine’s work strays far from the typical. He uses both elaborate sets and themes that both capture the viewer and terrifies it’s audience. He uses considerably themes and characters much like a movie, his sets and style alone create both an unease and can take you back to your childhood fear of […]

  • Code
  • Surprisingly Simple CSS ‘Talk Bubble’

    I’m all about some simple CSS flair, used right it’s fun and an easy way to add in some design in an otherwise minimal template. The example I’ll be showing you here is from {Minimalist Posters} and it’s really a personal favorite (along with the fun circle image CSS, which I’ll be showing soon).

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  • Create a Glass Text Effect Using Only CSS

    Creating interesting looking text in Photoshop is a great way to add in some flair to your work, and the same can be said about websites. Creating interesting text effects using nothing more than a bit of CSS can add in small touches of pizazz into your own web presence.